The future of LSB

The future of LSB

The future of LSB2020

At the AGM on 17 November 2019, the President announced that the committee had agreed that LSB2020 event is to be deferred.

Over the last year the committee has sought out funding streams and resources to deliver a quality sustainable event.  
This has not been an easy task: Arts funding has become more difficult to secure in the current financial climate and potential supporters including government
agencies and philanthropic organisations have reduced funding and changed priorities.  

We rely heavily on government and institutional support and it became clear that these funding and grant streams would be likely unachievable for 2020.
While donations to date by our generous private supporters contributed since the 2018 event has been very strong, we have not yet obtained a suitable grant from
government or benevolent institution supporters and therefore have serious concerns around the viability of the event for 2020.

The decision has not been taken lightly. But the committee chose to avoid a significant financial and resources burden on the organisation and
not to jeopardise the quality of the event.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the private individual supporters over the history of the event. The donations since 2017 have exceeded expectations.
The new model and themes for LSB2020, we believe would produce an exciting event.

It has been embraced by our community and valued supporters as well as by the multi-talented artists who had been selected. The calibre of the artists who had been engaged reflects the strong connections and relationships of Graeme Wilkie as Artistic Director.

From the committee to our present donors and past donors, sponsors, patrons, volunteers, institutions, community and supporters, we cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming support..

Where to now?
At the 2019 AGM, the following members were declared elected till the 2020 AGM:
Karen Pitt as Secretary, Bruce Potgieter as Treasurer, Janet Barton, Vanessa Schernickau and Leon Walker as committee members.

The positions of President and Vice President are currently vacant, and we hope those positions will be filled shortly.

The 2019 financial statements were presented to and accepted by the meeting and the Treasurer commented that the financial position was strong, although not sufficiently robust to support the cash flow required for the new model.

Over the coming months, the committee and key stakeholders will meet to consider and plan for the future, so that a high quality and economically sustainable event can be held beyond 2020.
Leon Walker
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