17 Mar - 2 April 2018

Previous years

In October 2005 a meeting of Friends of Lorne Arts met at Graeme Wilkie’s Qdos Art Gallery to discuss his long held dream to stage a world-class sculpture exhibition along the dramatic sweep of Lorne’s famous foreshore.

This resulted in overwhelming support from community and regional authorities and the formation of the Lorne Sculpture Exhibition Inc. A Committee team led by Jack and Cynthia Wynhoven set up the inaugural exhibition called “The Littoral Edge” from October 26 to November 11, 2007. Renowned Australian Art Historian and Lecturer Ken Scarlett was appointed as Curator for the first Lorne Sculpture Exhibition in 2007.

The first Lorne Sculpture Exhibition was acclaimed by the Australian sculpture world, the local community, critics and artists alike as an important new showcase for contemporary sculpture for both local and international artists.


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