17 Mar - 2 April 2018

Conference Program

CREATING UTOPIA CONFERENCE proudly sponsored by Deakin University 22-25 March 2018


Creating Utopia: Imagining and Making Futures
Art, Architecture and Sustainability


9.00 Welcome To Country N’Arweet Carolyn Briggs
9.10 Lindy Joubert President Lorne Sculpture Biennale LSB Order of proceedings

9:15 KEYNOTE - View Room
Joss Brooks (30 mins plus 15 min questions)
Co-Founder Auroville, India and Director Pitchandikulam
Title: Remembering the Future Garden
Eco-restoration – 40 years of monumental environmental change in Tamil Nadu

Joss grew up in Tasmania and came to Auroville in India’s Tamil Nadu state in 1970 after living in Europe and Africa. He joined the early pioneering efforts in land restoration at Auroville and founded the Pitchandikulam community in 1973, which is now a vibrant 60 acre forest with 800 species of plants in the grasslands, a nursery and an ethno-medicinal forest.

Joss cleaned up and restored the Chennai basin and has been working on Mangrove restoration along the Tamil Nadu Coast. Mangroves are an important natural barrier to storm surges and flooding from the sea. More recently he led a project to transform a huge rubbish dump in the city of Chennai (10 million people) into an eco park.

10.00 Morning Tea
View Room
10:45 Session 1: View Room
Convenor Lara Nicholls, LSB Curator Lorne Sculpture Biennale
10:50 Janet Laurence
Title: Planetary Garden

Janet Laurence is a Sydney based Australian artist who exhibits nationally and internationally. Her practice examines our physical, cultural and conflicting relationship to the natural world
She creates immersive environments that navigate the interconnections between organic elements and systems of nature. Within the recognized threat to so much of the life world she explores what it might mean to heal, albeit metaphorically, the natural environment, fusing this with a sense of communal loss and search for connection with powerful life-forces.

11:20 Paper 1: (title) 20 mins
11:40 Paper 2 (title ) 20 mins
12 Noon Paper 3 (Title ) 20 mins
12.20 Summary / Questions Lara Nicholls (15 mins)

12:35 – 1:30 LUNCH - View Room
Guest Speaker - Dr Shoso Shimbo

1:30 Session 2
Convenor: Janet Laurence
View Room

1:35 Dr. Greg Burgess 30 minutes
Title: Role of consciousness in sustainability and healing
Gregory Burgess practices architecture as a social, healing and ecological art; a vehicle for exploring, expressing and experiencing formative spiritual forces in the creative process of collaborating and making. Gregory has taught and lectured at many Australian and international universities and his work has been widely exhibited and published internationally. He has been the recipient of numerous awards both in Australia and internationally including the national Sir Zelman Cowen Award, the Victorian Architecture Medal, the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal, the Robert Mathew Award for outstanding contributions to the development of architecture in the Commonwealth, and the international Kenneth F Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Architectural Design Award, an Honorary Doctorate of Architecture, University of Melbourne and Life Fellowship of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in 2005. He was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2011 for his service to architecture in the area of
environmentally sensitive building design, and to the community.

2:05 Paper 1: (title) 20 mins
2:25 Paper 2 (title ) 20 mins
2:45 Paper 3 (Title ) 20 mins

3.05 Convenor questions / summary 10 mins.

3:15 Afternoon Tea (30mins)

3:45 Session 3
Convenor: TBC

Leire Asensio-Villoria and David Mah - 30 mins

Title: The intersection between landscape, urban design and architecture enriching engagement with ecology
Focusing on the links between the shaping or management of the land and the hydrological processes of sites with their potential impact on the health of its populations. The speakers, Harvard scholars (Asensio and Mah) recently co-led the research on Health and Places conducted at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and the Public Health department concluding with the publication "Lifestyled. Health and Places" published by Jovis 2016. Forecasts for steady population growth anticipated for Australia's major cities is seen to motivate a corresponding scale of urban development activity. The specific relationship between the health of the environment and its influence on human health is one of the most direct ways that the built environment affects our wellbeing.

4:15 Paper 1: (title) 20 mins
4:35 Paper 2 (title ) 20 mins
4:55 Paper 3 (Title ) 20 mins

5.15 Convenor questions / summary  

5:45 CLOSE


Day 1 Welcome – Lindy Joubert

9:05 KEY NOTE Mona Doctor Pingel - 30mins
Architect, Studio Naqshbandi, Auroville, India
Title: Journeying to Oneness through architecture in Auroville, South India.

Responding to the theme of sense of collapse in a deeper sense, Mona will speak on her experience in Auroville, South India. She will cover several aspects of her professional career
(nature and built landscapes), and her personal life in this unique city of Human Unity with a deeper philosophical understanding of Society in change - values, honesty and integrity / Responding positively to the sense of collapse all around.

9.35 Questions / Discussion 10 mins

9.45 Session 4
Invited Speaker Ken Scarlett
Title: TBC (he is a leading expert on Australian sculpture) – 30 mins

10.15 – 10.30 Morning Tea

10.30 Session 5
Invited Speaker Prof Ray Green (30 mins)
Professor of Landscape Architecture, The University of Melbourne’
Title: Lorne- Involving local communities in defining town and landscape character in Victorian coastal towns – A special research project on Lorne

11.20 Paper 1: (title) 20 mins
11.40 Paper 2 (title ) 20 mins
12.00 Paper 3 (title) 20 mins
12.10 Questions/discussion ... (10 mins)

12:20 Session 6
Invited Speaker Lisa Sullivan Geelong Regional Art Gallery
Title - 30 mins

12.50 Questions / discussion

1PM – 1:45 Lunch View Room Lorne Hotel – Guest Speaker TBC


1:45 PM Session 7
Invited Speaker Prof. Esther Charlesworth, Architects Without Frontiers
Title: Design+Ethics+Global Responsibility - 30 mins
Professor in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University, Melbourne and Academic Director of the new Masters in Disaster, Design and Development (MoDDD). Founding Director of Architects without Frontiers (AWF), who have designed and delivered over 40 health and education projects to vulnerable communities, globally since 2005. She has published widely on the theme of social justice, conflict and architecture.

2.15 Session 8
Invited Speaker Prof John Fien
Title: Design Thinking+Disasters – 30 mins
Innovation Professor of Sustainability at RMIT University in Australia. , Consulted to UNESCO Headquarters and UNESCO-UNEVOC on Education for Sustainable Development. He has been instrumental in developing the framework for the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and in facilitating discussions about the relevance of the themes of the Decade for TVET. He was co-author of the Discussion Paper for the UNESCO International Experts Meeting on Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability, Bonn.

2.45 Session 9
Invited Speaker

3.15 Summary / Questions

3.30 Afternoon tea

3:30 Session 10
Invited Speaker Dr Alecia Bellgrove
Title: Feeding the world without killing the planet - where can seaweeds fit in? – 30 mins

Dr. Bellgrove’s research interests lie broadly within marine ecology with a particular emphasis on the role of habitat-forming seaweeds in ecological systems, their life history dynamics and the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances (e.g. sewage effluent, climate change). Recently she has also begun to explore the role macroalgae may play in carbon sequestration and to explore the unique and diverse temperate Australian marine flora for new, delicious and nutritious sea vegetables
Questions / discussion 10 minutes

4.10 Convenor TBC
4.30 Paper 1: (title) 20 mins
4:50 Paper 2 (title ) 20 mins
5.10 Paper 3 (Title ) 20 mins
5.25 Questions/discussion 10 mins

5:45 CLOSE


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