17 Mar - 2 April 2018

Call for papers

CREATING UTOPIA CONFERENCE proudly sponsored by Deakin University 22-25 March 2018


Creating Utopia: Imagining and Making Futures
Art, Architecture and Sustainability

Call for Papers - submit an abstract

Papers are invited from participants on a variety of themes relevant to the core vision of the conference. A wide range of people including academics, researchers, artists, architects, scientists, environmentalists, sustainability experts, research students and interested people are invited to submit papers to be presented at the conference and then to be peer reviewed for publication in the UNESCO e-journal.

Suggested Topics
The Utopian vision – how Art, Architecture and Sustainability imagine and create our future
The artist as climate activist
Weather and climate, ruin and waste
Scientific/artistic approaches to the environment
Radical nature: art and architecture for a threatened planet
Public art- an environmental approach
The arts, architecture and climate change
Bio-remediation and greening spaces
The Art and Science of health and wellbeing
Relationships - the arts with nature
Building a future sustainable society
Natural resources management
Educating and communicating about the environment
Re-imagining environment through sculpture
The artist’s role in the creation of outdoor spaces
Nature and art connecting with the disengaged

Paper presenters Information for authors wishing to have their papers peer reviewed for publication will be sent specifications according to UNESCO E-JOURNAL requirements

Conference 22-25 March 2018 -
SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT- Abstract Guidelines

Lorne Sculpture Biennale Conference
Creating Utopia: Imagining and making Futures
Art, Architecture and Sustainability

For the conference in 2018 invited speakers and those submitting an abstract and paper for consideration have the following options:

  1. Invited Speakers - an abstract of 300 words and a paper for a 30 minute presentation.
  2. Paper Presenters - an abstract of 300 words and a paper for a 20 minute presentation.
  3. For Journal Publication - Invited speakers and paper presenters to submit their abstract of 300 words and full paper for peer review to be published in the UNESCO Observatory e-journal.

Key dates for submitting abstracts and papers
Abstracts due 15 January 2018
Papers for presentation at the conference due 9 February 2018
Full papers for peer review for journal due 30 April 2018

Guidelines for Presenters for UNESCO Observatory e-journal peer reviewed papers
Guidelines will be published on this conference website.

Abstract submission
Please provide the following information:
o Abstract title
o Suggested theme - refer to list above
o Author or authors’ names
o Presenting author
o Affiliations
o Abstract - maximum length 300 words
o Acknowledgement that at least one author will register and pay to attend the Conference
o Early submission of abstracts is recommended
o Indicate if technical equipment is required

Abstract selection criteria
All abstracts will be reviewed in the light of building a diverse and interesting program.
Assessment will include:
o The subject matter – clarity and interest to the conference and a wider audience
o What the methods, results or topics will be
o Not all papers need to be academic but can be of general interest
o Descriptions of the study or project and the surrounding issues
o Results and findings
o Conclusions and implications
o Papers need to have either research or general audience merit
o Originality and interest

For any questions regarding the abstract process, please contact the Conference Secretariat